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Pokemon Permanent Sales Post

Hello and welcome to my permanent sales post for Pokemon items!


-Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 23rd, 2016.
-All PKMNCollectors rules apply!
-My feedback can me found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/katielegends/

-I do not sell to those that are banned from the community.
-I am only shipping within the US.
-I am not open to haggling or trades.
-I ship from CT, USA.
-All prices are in USD and do not include packaging, shipping, and/ or fees.
-I only accept Paypal as form of payment.
At the moment, I am no longer doing holds.
-If you have confirmed to a sale, please pay within 24 hours of commitment. If not received by then, the item will be relisted and/or will go onto the next person interested in the same item.
-Please ask for a quote if you need to know the final price and before you are committing to buy.
-All sales are final, so please ask me any questions before purchasing.
-If committed to buying, please let me know with a statement that conveys that you are buying and not getting a quote. Example: "I would like to purchase X item(s) to zip 06062."
-I usually ship within 2-3 business days after transaction permitting there is nothing extremely odd about my work schedule or if there is bad weather or a holiday. If it will take me longer than three days to ship, I will notify you as soon as possible.
-I ship via USPS. I am not responsible for items that are lost or damaged in the mail. If you need tracking or proof of statement, please let me know and I will provide you with whatever shipping information you need.

-Items come from a smoke free, pet friendly home (at the moment, I have one cat), but I also burn candles and incense.
-Please let me know when you have received your item and please leave some feedback! I will also leave feedback for you in return!
-If you have any more questions about the item or if you need more photos, please don't hesitate to ask! I will answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide more photos if needed!


-2009 Banpresto UFO Lugia Plush: $20
-PC Dragon/ Roaring Promotion Lugia plush (JP, MWT): $35
-10th Movie Anniversary Lugia fingerpuppet: $7
-Jakks Pacific Lugia plush (MWT): $25


-Lugia Crochet Plush made by Chi Chi Crochet: $25
-Hasbro Lugia Toy (there are some scratches/ marks on various parts of it & faded parts on the eyes, but the voice box still works): $20
-Lugia Zukan Figure (no stand): $90


-Lugia Suction Cup Figure: $10
-Lugia Minicot Figure: $10
-Lugia Clip: $4
-Lugia Movie Charm & Dex: $6
-Lugia Movie Pin: $3
-Custon 3DS Shiny Lugia case made by FleaCircusDesigns: $4


-Lugia DX Figure (New): $4
-Lugia DX Figure (Old & Yellowed): $1
-Kid Figures: $4 each for the regulars, $5 for the clear


-10th Anniversay Lugia Zukan figure (no base or stand): $8
-Jakks Pacific Lugia figure: $8
-Moncolle Lugia Figure (no electronic base): $10
-10th Anniversary Lugia Bottle Cap Figure: $10
-TOMY Hyper Lugia Figure: $8


-Stadium Figures: $3 (Regular, blue stand), $4 (Clear)
-Gashpon figures: $4 each
-Misc Figure: $3
-Footprint Figure (doesn't have it's base): $3


-Fuzzy Lapras plush (US, MWT): $10
-1998 Banpresto Lapras plush: $10
-Banpresto chibi Lapras plush: $15
-KutaKuta Lapras plush: $60


-Lapras Crochet Plush made by Chi Chi Crochet: $15
-Secret Base Lapras Pokedoll (US release, MWT): $15
-Secret Base Lapras keychain (JP release, MWT): $20


-2016 PC Lapras Plush (JP, MWT) (Note: One on the right is made of minky & velboa back shell & other on the left is made completely of minky, including back shell. : $30 Each
-Pokemon Petit Plush (JP, MWT)(Left is Regular, Right is Pastel re-release): $10 each


-"My Pokemon Collection" Lapras plush (MWT): $10
-Banpresto "I <3 Marine" Lapras plush (MWT): $15
-Lapras & Marill plush: $20
-Pokemon Canvas Lapras plush (MWT): $45


-Goomy Campaign Rumble plush (MWT): $15
-PC Goomy plush (JP, MWT): $20
-TOMY Goomy Rumble plush (MWT): $15
-Sanei Goomy plush (MWT): $10
-Pikachu hat Goomy Plush (MWT): $8


-Gold Lapras Metal Figure: $15
-TOMY Hyper Kyogre Figure: $8
-Milotic Kid figure: $2
-Milotic Gashpon figure: $4
-Ippai Vaporeon figure: $8
-Clear Vaporeon kid: $1


-Keldeo Resolute Forme Figure: $3
-TOMY Serperior Figure: $4


-Piplup DS stylist: $2
-Pokemon 2000 Lugia screenshot frame: $8
-Togepi Coin: $0.25


Kid Figures: $0.50 each

SOLD: Keldeo


-Bootleg Sinnoh Charms (Pokemon Logo, Pikachu, Turtwig, Chimchar, & Piplup): $0.25 for all 5
-Kyoto Campaign LugiaChu & Ho-ohChu Charms: $8 for both
-Lotto Milotic Cleaner Plush: $10
-Custom Lugia Charm: $4
-Hot Topic Pikachu Hair Bow (never worn): $6


-Pokedex Lugia charm (on the left): $8
-Pokedex Lugia charm (on the right): $25
-Pokedex Lapras charm: $10
-Goomy Campaign charms: $15 for all 3


-Lugia & Ho-oh Charms: $8 for both
-Worn Lugia figure strap: $.50
-Worn Lugia rubber strap: $.50

-Pokemon Petit straps: Lapras, Milotic, Latios, Latias: $7 each
-Goomy Campaign Goomy Strap: $8

-Arceus (Jakks Pacific): $7
-Banpresto Big Arceus plush: $15
-Banpresto Small Arceus plush: $5
-Banpresto Grass Plate Arceus Plush: $15

-PC Mega Blaziken Plush (US): $8
-Jakks Pacific Piplup Talking Plush (Voice Box still works): $6
-Torchic Plush (Hasbro): $2

Banpresto Plush:
-Electivire: $10
-Serperior: $15

-PC Litleo Plush: $10
-Wailord Petit keychain plush (JP Version): $6
-Joltik Plush: $8

-2006 TOMY Kyogre Plush (tag has a tear in it and is worn a bit): $40

-UFO Shimmering Luxray Plush: $75
-Mega Latias (PC, JP Version): $10

Lapras Pokedoll (US, Velboa, MTW): $20
Pikachu Pokedoll (US, Minky, MWT): $10
Fenniken Pokedoll (US, Minky, MWT): $10
Eevee PC Mascot Marzipan Dessert Campaign Keychain Plush (MWT): $15

Bulbasaur Pokedoll (US, Minky, MWT): $10
Squirtle Pokedoll (US, Minky, MWT): $10
Treeko Pokedoll (Minky, TTO): $15

Mudkip Pokedoll (Velboa, TTO): $10

Pokedolls (US Release, MWT): $10 each

GONE: Flareon

-Reshiram TCG Tin: $0.50

-BaB Eevee Pokeball hoodie: $8

Hot Topic Purse: $4
Wallet: $1

US Pre-Order Figures from Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: $4 each

Various McDonald's & Burger King Toys: $0.25 each

Bookmarks & Pan Stickers: $0.50 Each

-Custom Laminated Art by Me: $0.50 each (Left: Bulbasaur x4, Charmander x4, Squirtle x5, Pikachu x3)


GONE: Keldeo sticker

I also have a non-Pokemon sales post where I will be selling other fandom items and collectables. You can combine sales from that post + from this Pokemon post! Click the banner below.

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